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Introducing the EasyPotting Hydroponic Home Herb and Vegetable Growing System
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Hydroponic troughs are innovative plant-growing systems that nurture herbs and vegetables without soil. Utilizing nutrient-rich water solutions, they offer efficient, space-saving cultivation for year-round harvests, making urban farming simple and rewarding.


Trough covers are protective shields designed for hydroponic troughs. They shield plants from external elements, ensuring optimal growth conditions. Enhance plant health, control environment variables, and maximize your yields with these essential hydroponic accessories.

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Hydroponic clay pebbles are versatile growing mediums, replacing traditional soil. Lightweight and pH-neutral, they support plant roots, improve aeration, and facilitate nutrient absorption. Ideal for hydroponic systems, these pebbles ensure optimal conditions for thriving plants and higher yields.


Custom designed hydroponic systems for every need

Unlock the potential of custom hydroponic systems. Tailored to your space and preferences, our designs combine innovation and expertise. From vertical gardens to compact setups, we create efficient, user-friendly solutions. Elevate your cultivation experience with a bespoke hydroponic system that yields freshness and flavor, right at your fingertips.

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We are here to guide you through the design process of your very own hydroponic growing system

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